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The Indonesian Rhino Initiative (IRI) has been Selected as One Of The Finalists Whitley Gold Award 2024 !

prestigious environmental award event, Whitley Gold Award 2024. This announcement emphasizes IRI’s dedication and ongoing efforts in preserving rhino species and developing communities around rhino areas in Indonesia.

The Whitley Gold Award is known as one of the world’s most prestigious environmental awards, recognizing individuals or organizations who have made an outstanding contribution to protecting nature and biodiversity. IRI’s participation as a finalist is proof of appreciation for the entire team’s struggle to preserve the survival of endangered species.

The Whitley Fund for Nature is a UK charity that has distributed £20 million to 200 conservation leaders in 80 countries in the Global South and benefiting wildlife, landscapes, and people.

The WFN top prize is awarded annually to a Whitley Award alumnus who also receives Continuing Funding. This laddered support allows successful conservation solutions to be scaled.



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